Video Production Preparations!

What an exciting week in Content Creation learning! Have you ever noticed that the best and most touching commercials that come on TV during your favorite shows involve animals, and quite often dogs? Subaru commercials have got to be my most FAV. This is the very reason I have chosen to produce my firs video on THE TOP 10 DOGS TO OWN!! Here is a little sneak peek of some of the raw images I will be using to cover the various aspects of these amazing pets that bring so much love, laughter and companionship into our lives. There are numerous details to take into consideration when choosing the right pup for yourself or family. Lifestyle, living environment, expenses, activity level, companionship needs, exercise needs, diet, time, family type, and the list goes on. My video of Top 10 Dogs to Own will visit each one of these categories and help in your discovery of the best Top 10 dogs from all different types of needs and lifestyles. Check back to watch soon!!

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