Behind the scenes

Of course! A pumpkin patch for a mini shoot in October! Why not? Pro’s and con’s surround the use of large areas when doing a photo shoot. Space can be your friend if utilized to your benefit, if not your focal point can get swallowed up. The dullness of the brown leaves, straw bales, dirt and barn wood building in the open space, serve as a fabulous contrast to the bright whites and oranges of festive colored pumpkins. A matching bow tie to accelerate the mood attached to the neck of the perfect puppy dog, a few unadorned props to maintain simplicity and keep the focus on your subject and walah! An unedited photoshoot with endless possibilities and potential in the works!

Needed props:

  • pumpkins
  • camera/phone
  • perfect puppy dog
  • festive seasonal dog collar
  • wooden boxes

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